Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taking It To All 50 States

Here is a lady, Jenna Issacson, who has decided to thrift shop all 50 states! This sounds like a blast! Talking about the Thrift Store Shoppers Dream...she is living it!!! Not only does she find great bargains through out these states, but she is selling her items on Etsy as well. Although the majority of us are average people who cannot travel the United States visiting the best thrift stores in our nation, we can read this blog and see what great finds Jenna has discovered! Check out this story here.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Upcycled Wool Sweater Purse

Have a favorite sweater you just cannot throw away? Or did you pick one up at a Thrift Store that you really like, but you know you will never wear? Upcycled or recycled clothing and accessories is an effective means to using the items you do not want to toss...recreated into something unique and usable at the same time.

Over the Holidays I took the opportunity to take a old men's wool sweater and upcycled it into a fun purse! These are the results....

Using the left over material from the sleeves, I made large flowers and leaves on the front of the bag. Simple, easy, and one-of-a-kind, this is one project that does not take up too much time, but leaves you with a fun, wearable accessory.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thrifting With the Intent to Recycle & Redesign

Being that Earth Day is real soon, it may make you feel like a better person to know that as you take part in thrift store shopping, you are helping the earth!!!

Recently I set foot into a fabric store only to realize that purchasing the pattern, material, thread, zipper, buttons etc. to make a outfit would cost more than I wanted to pay. However, it has become quite popular to recreate, redesign or reconstruct used clothing. By using your imagination it is quite easy to do a
nd it is really inexpensive.

If you plan on reconstructing clothing found at the thrift store, shopping is really made simple. If you do not know how to sew or you have no one to do it for you, unfortunately you are limited on what you can create. However, if you can sew, start your imagination!! As you step foot into the thrift store to shop for the item you intend on recreate, size is not an issue. What you are looking for as you
shop to reconstruct is, "do I like this material"? As long as you like the pattern of the material, you can either add other pieces to the material you have found or you can purchase some at the fabric store, only if you absolutely have to.

Many thrift shoppers do not realize that there are many items such as buttons, zippers, patterns, thread, lace and other great sewing products that can be purchased new and really cheap at the thrift store. Even if you are one who's sewing consists of a glue gun, you can find items to help you create a project, for a fraction of the cost.

A simple example of an item you can begin working on just to give the reconstructing thing a try, is an old pair of blue jeans. Before you toss them or donate them to a charity,
think of the many uses that can be had with a pair of jeans! A purse, throw rug, re-usable grocery bag, hats, flowers, cell phone or ipod case, belt, skirt, pillow, chair cover, etc. can be created with just about any clothing item you no longer want or need in your closet. Your imagination is truly the limit on this one.

I recently came across this really great idea with a series of different lengths of vests that I think is the perfect example of reconstructing or recycling clothing. When one just will not do, how about several? What attracted me to this vest is the fact that it is different. It is not your same ole, same ole, but it says something, it's different and it is classy!

Reconstructing clothes either from your close
t, your friends closet, or the thrift store not only is a great way to save your self some money, it is a great way to eliminate more waste in the landfills and just think, you can have unique new designs created by YOU!!!
Celebrate Earth Day and Reconstruct Those Old Clothes into something unique this week!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Aspect of A Thrift Store Brings You Back Time & Time Again?

We have all experienced shopping disappointments some time in our lives. Whether your let down has been at the grocery store, mall, WalMart, Saks Fifth Avenue or at your local thrift store, wasting your precious time and money while shopping is seriously aggravating. When you find a store you like, well that is a different story. There is probably nothing that will hold you back from shopping at the store you LOVE!

There are some thrift stores that I just will not visit for a second time. What factors of the store cause me to label it as a “Bad Thrift Store”? For the sake of the good, here are a few aspects of a thrift store that will bring me back time and time again to a particular store to search for the next great bargain.

A thrift store that is not organized is one that I typically will not visit for a second time. What I expect as I walk into a thrift store is really quite basic. All clothing items have to be on hangers on a rack separated by men, women, boys, and girls. The books should be organized by type on shelves and other items such as purses, hats, scarves etc. neatly separated into different bins or shelves. If I walk into a thrift store that is completely unorganized I will not even waste my time looking, or returning for that matter.

Quality Items
Finding items that I feel are “worthy of my discovery” will lead me back to that particular store. As you become a seasoned thrift shopper, you can typically tell from the first moment that you walk into the door whether or not you will find items to purchase or if you will want to even waste your time searching for items to purchase. Finding quality products at a thrift store is a huge factor when I make the decision on whether or not to return to that store because if they don’t have anything that I want to buy, why go back?

You may laugh at this one if you want, but price is a huge factor for my second trip to the thrift store. The more I thrift, the cheaper I become. There I said it. I have personal convictions on how much I allow myself to spend on certain items in a thrift store. Although it may be true that the price you pay at a thrift store is cheaper than the price you would pay at a regular department store, I just cannot justify spending a lot of money on a item I know has previously been used or for the mere fact that it is in a THRIFT STORE!! When I head to the thrift store I do not expect to pay retail. I think CHEAP! If the store is charging an arm and a leg for an item, forget it, I don’t care how much I like it, I will not buy it!

Let me encourage you, if you have walked into a thrift store that does not offer what rules you have set in place for your thrift store shopping experience, don’t give up thrift store shopping just yet. Find a thrift store buddy who you can take with you on your next THRIFT STORE SHOPPING TRIP!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome To The Thrift Store Educator!!!

As an avid thrift store shopper I thought it would be fun as well as beneficial to share information, how to's, do not's, great finds,and tips regarding the "Thrift Store" shopping experience. Not only is thrift store shopping a fun past time, it can be a challenging adventure as you search for the next best find or bargain. Stay tuned for fun, adventure and exciting experiences with the
Thrift Store Educator"-